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The visual identity of your company is the “identity card” of your brand. It plays a major role in determining your brand image, that is to say in the way the public perceives your company.

Indeed, the visual aspect is, in a general way, the first thing that will notice your potential customer, which will mark his spirit, even before he became aware of it. The visual identity of your website must therefore be consistent with all of your branding strategy, allowing you to communicate your corporate values, but also by ensuring that your brand is immediately recognized.







Making a website is the most effective and sustainable way to promote a business or product. Your potential customers can at any time find your site in the search engines by typing keywords corresponding to your activity.

Why do you want to make a business website? Is it to present your services to potential customers? Maybe set up a recruitment space to facilitate the search for new talents for your team? If you have products to sell, you probably need an e-commerce site.

The creation of a website is an important step and now essential to the development and prosperity of any business. However, competition is tough on the web, and creating an effective website requires special skills. It is a project that requires real human and financial investment.





Branding is the set of marketing actions a company undertakes to position a brand in the minds of consumers. It focuses on creating a positive consumer emotion about a product or brand.

In the design industry, many say to customers that they should consider design as an investment, not an expense, and that’s certainly the best way to design it. We also note that it is the companies that took the time to establish the branding strategy that are doing best today.

By using the right marketing tools, the company can ensure the durability of its brand via a catchy slogan, a strong visual identity or a e-commerce site that is fluid and consistent with the company’s objective.

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